For the past 12 years, I have found myself completely enthralled with the idea of photographs. Being able to capture every moment and develop the beauty of each image is why photography is so unique to me. For that reason, I spent two years studying photography at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Here I was able to sculpt my passion and begin my career in professional photography. I’m based out of Miami, Florida, however, having a southern location has never stopped me from taking my camera worldwide!

Since 2007 I have had an array of opportunities in which I was able to fine tune my photography skills. My past work includes event photography, music photography and for the past five years, engagements and weddings. Due to the fact that each of these settings differ greatly, use of lighting is particularly important. I work with natural light to enhance my images, however, I have extensive experience using artificial lighting as well to capture the ambience of the location I’m photographing in.

My experiences over the years have been incredible, however, what is important here is you! I have come to understand the true value in being chosen to capture a couple’s most personal and joyous moments. In this silence we are able to witness the majestic beauty that is love. Your wedding day is all about the love you have for one another and the people who have come together to celebrate it. On that day, my intent is to keep the atmosphere fun, light and ultimately, stress free! The focus is on capturing the moments as they happen in order to provide you with the purest photos. It seems only fitting that my journey has led me to capturing such intimate moments for couples around the globe.

I will capture your love story no matter the distance. Being able to follow my couples across the world has been one of my greatest pleasures. From the beautiful beaches of Mexico and rainforests of Costa Rica to the intimate backyard garden, there is no destination I will deny. Together we can create that fairytale moment you have been dreaming of. Please allow me to join you on your journey, offering my experience, expertise and creative eye to encapsulate those magic beginnings. I aim to create a unique high quality product that you can have to forever remember the vividness of that day.


Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to travel to many different places for weddings. These are some of the places I'll be this year! Want to do a destination engagement shoot or are you going to be in one of these areas at the same time? Then lets set it up!